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Supplemental Heat Sources and Eligibility

Many homes in Michigan, especially the UP, have supplemental heat sources or heat sources in an outbuilding such as a garage or sauna. It is VERY important to know what you have and inform your insurance agency to avoid any gaps in coverage or have coverage denied completely due to not disclosing a supplemental heat source. We will show you different types of supplemental heat sources and briefly discuss eligibility requirements of each. Flip through the Slide share below to learn more.

Free Standing Solid Fuel Wood Stove

  • These are chargeable by MOST companies. Some companies have the wood stove surcharge automatically included in their base premium and offer a discount if you do not have one.

  • Requires a Survey and Photos by ALL companies

  • Stove Pipe Heat Reclaimers are NOT acceptable

  • Manufacturer specifications should be followed when installing a wood stove

  • Companies do not allow homemade or barrel stoves

  • Wood stoves sharing a flue with a furnace are not acceptable

Outdoor Wood Boiler

  • Most companies do not charge for these, but some do.

  • Must be UL listed

  • Typically needs to be 50 feet from the home or to manufacturer specifications

  • Another form of heat is required for back up

Wood burning Central Furnace or Add-On Wood Stove

  • These are chargeable and treated as wood stoves with all our companies

  • Must be UL listed

  • Photos and surveys required by all companies and treated the same as a free-standing wood stove

  • Must be vented separately from the central furnace to be eligible.

Pellet Stove

  • Chargeable by all companies

  • Photos are required

  • Stove pipe must be to code

  • Non-combustible material required beneath the stove

  • Pellet stoves typically have manufacturer specifications on how close they can be to combustible walls and must comply with these specifications or they are not eligible

  • There must be another source of heat in the home

Solid Fuel Fireplace

  • NOT chargeable by companies

  • Do not need to be noted on application

  • They do make a difference on Replacement Cost of home

  • There must be another form of heat in the home

  • Photos and Surveys are NOT required

Gas Fireplace

  • Not chargeable

  • Do NOT need to be noted on the application

  • They DO make a difference on Replacement cost of home

  • Photos and Surveys are NOT required

  • There must be another form of heat in the home

Wood Stove Insert

  • Looks like a woodstove inserted into a fireplace

  • There must be another form of heat

  • Photos and survey required by some companies

  • Inspection required by some companies

Supplemental Heat Sources in Outbuildings

There are VERY few companies that will write policies with a wood stove in a garage attached or detached or other out buildings. It is very important to be honest with your insurance agent if you have one. If you do not notify your agent that you have a wood stove in an outbuilding and then there is a loss, the company can deny coverage and issue a cancellation or non-renewal on your policy.

At Alger General Agency we write home policies with multiple companies that have different requirements for supplemental heat. It is your job as the insured to provide us with honest and correct information about your supplemental heat source. It is our job as your agency to make sure that we provide our companies with accurate information about your home to make sure you are properly covered with the best rate for your home with supplemental heat.

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