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Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

Alger General Agency has been a small-town insurance agency since the beginning. Established in 1942 under the name Alger County Agency and later renamed Alger General Agency in 1972. Back then everything was done on paper with pens, pencils, and typewriters, including typing up the policies. Can you imagine?! We have a lot of customers who have been with us since then, so they probably do remember those days. You know who you are, and we thank you for being loyal customers!

Flash forward to 2018. We are still a small-town agency, but we are 100% paperless. Technology is an amazing thing! Those of us who have recently started working for Alger General can’t think of doing our work any other way. Those who have seen both, see the benefits of it. With a staff of 6, including our principle, Kerry Lamoreaux, who works right alongside of her employees, we are running two locations. Our primary, in Munising is located on Elm Street, in what once was the jail house. Our satellite office, in Marquette is located at Chippewa Square, and was run by Floyd Sommers until his retirement in 2014. Kerry then hired Chandra Porter to be her manager and run the Marquette office full time.

One of the biggest changes Alger General has had over the years is the fact that we are an all-female agency in an industry traditionally run by men. We take great pride in that!

When you walk into either one of our offices, you will be greeted with warm smiles and the genuine desire from our staff to help you with whatever it is you may need. From payments, to explanations, complaints, claims, a cup of coffee or even some love from Rocky, the Pomeranian. We truly appreciate that our clients have chosen Alger General to help them with their insurance needs and it’s our relationships with them that are very important to us and plays a large part in our success.

Education is very important to us as well, for ourselves and for the people that trust us to make sure they are insured properly. We want to be certain that when you decide what coverage you are going to take you understand exactly what it means. We have started this blog to share more information with our clients. I will be writing 1-2 new articles a month. Hopefully you find them informative, useful and not too stale and monotonous.

Success to those of us that work at Alger General is counted by the length of time our clients have been with us and by the number of referrals we get. Nothing makes us happier then when someone calls or stops in and says that someone they are close to told them about us and to get a quote here. It is that reputation that has kept us part of the community for the last 76 years and it is that reputation we seek to up-hold daily, so we will continue to be part of the community for another 76+ years.

As always, thank you for choosing Alger General!

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